Testimonials from the issuing of MHMs and PPEs, and Mass Sensitization

WASH First is a Covid-19 response being implemented by KEWASNET funded by SIMAVI international.  The project targets creating awareness on Covid-19 and supporting local governments and communities’ hygiene-related Covid-19 prevention measures. Between January and April 2021, KEWASNET has been implementing WASH First activities in Kiambu county. As a result, we supported the population at risk of Covid-19 within local community health centers with PPEs, students from vulnerable communities benefited from masks, hygiene supplies, and menstrual health kits, and schools benefited from waste collection bins. Here is a collection of sentiments from some of the beneficiaries of the project.
“My sincere gratitude. For the support, sacrifice, concern and love you have extended to our school and Myself to be specific. I’ve never felt so proud. The materials you’ve given us will go a long way into improving the hygiene of our students and the sanitation in our school (especially the sanitary towels!!) and masks!!! May God bless you and expand your territories. –Teacher in charge, from Lower Lari Secondary school, Kiambu.
School girls thrilled to have received menstrual hygiene kits (That contains sanitary towels among other hygiene products
Local Healthcare centers Benefited from PPEs (theatre boots, KN95 Mask with valve, goggles, face shield, clean gloves, medical masks, gloves, complete PPE kit, and biohazard pedal bins)
We are very greatful that you identified and visited our healthcenter facility to benefit from the supplies.  I am so sure that the supplies will help in providing safer services to the people visiting the facility while still ensuring our staff are safe. As you have seen here, many residents visit this facility for services hence we really needed the PPEs you have donated to us”, Dr. Mbae.
(From right) Dr. Mbae receiving medical masks from the First lady, Sarah Nyoro (far left) at Lusighetti dispensary
“Nachu dispensary is very lucky to have received the PPEs. We are a small facility and located in the interior rural serving a lot of vulnerable people who are in need of healthcare services. Therefore, the supplies you have given will support and protect staff at Nachu even as they administer services to the locals”, Nurse Incharge at Nachu Dispensary.
(From left) Nurse incharge at Nachu Dispensary receiving the some of the PPEs from First Lady Sarah Nyoro (far right)
The video showing snippets of the issuing of PPEs and MHM kits can be accesssed through clicking here. Mass Sensitization Through 4-Day Caravan in the 12 Kiambu Sub-counties Jane Kimende is a fruit vendor at Lari market, Kiambu County. We met her during a stopover of the caravan. Just like many Kenyans, she too has been worried about Covid-19 and how she can stay safe from it. She is done that by fast ensuring that her customers have a place to wash their hands one before receiving any service.
“I have put a place for washing hands for both the customer and I before we do business. Also, I ensure that the fruits I am selling are thoroughly washed. I also sanitize regularly. What I would like to tell people from here is that Corona is real and it is here. Let us continue practicing hygiene measures and social-distancing as we have been told here”-Jane Kimende.
Jane Kimende taking the opportunity to teach people at the market about adhering to Covid-19. At the back is her fruit stand
The public transport industry has been one of the hardest hits by Covid-19. Despite transporting hundreds of people daily, most of the operators do not adhere to Covid-19 regulations. Therefore, the messages being delivered by the public health officers were needed and would go along away in keeping matatu operators and customers safe and healthy.  During the Caravan activities-Limuru bus stop, we met George, a matatu driver.
“I would like to tell my fellow Matatu drivers that Covid-19 is real. Let us continue practicing social distancing, washing our hands regularly, and respect the government directives on loading our vehicles, there should be social-distancing even in our vehicles-Gorge, a driver at Limuru bus stop” – George, Matatu operator in Limuru.
(From right in blue) George is addressing fellow matatu operators at Limuru bus stop
William is a cafeteria operator. We met him during the caravan stop-over when the PHOs were engaging the members of the public. He admitted that he knew of the hygiene related safety measures against Covid-19 like washing hands. Thus, before he allowed customers into the café, they had to wash their hands with soap placed entry way of the café.  However, he still did not adhere to one critical thing-measuring the temperature of customers to ensure all those let in had normal levels.
“I have a lot of clients thus I have made washing hands as a requirement before entering the café for service. However, the challenge I am facing is that some customers still believe that Covid-19 does not exist in Kiambu. They believe that only foreigners can contract the disease. However, me I believe that Covid-19 is real and spreading in Kiambu.  Apart from the now washing hands, I will go buy a thermogun because of what I heard you teach-William, Cafe operator in Kiambu.
William(center) speaking to public health officers during a stop-over at a market
The snippets of the events at the 4-day caravan can be accessed here.
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