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Kewasnet Membership

According to the Constitution of KEWASNET, membership is based on 3 categories that include ordinary membership, associate membership and honorary membership. Membership is obtained upon application and payment of membership fees as determined by the GC.

Those eligible for membership include any non-political Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organization, Faith Based organization, Professional Association, Academic and Research Institution, person or company dealing in water and sanitation issues under the Laws of Kenya or otherwise lawfully existing in Kenya.

Ordinary membership:

This category of membership is open to NGOs, Professional Associations, Faith Based Organization and INGOs registered in Kenya that have been active in the water and sanitation sector for at least one year. Membership is also open to representation of WRUAs and network of CBOs working in the WASH. The ordinary members have voting/standing rights; the right to benefit from the services offered by the Network as well as participate in the organization’s activities, implement the organizations programmes for and on behalf of the KEWASNET and participate in the deliberations of the organization through the annual general meetings.

Associate membership:

For individuals and organizations, companies and institutions that support the objectives of KEWASNET but do not necessarily directly conduct implementation in the WASH sector

Honorary membership:

This is meant for individuals and organizations with a potential to advance the cause of KEWASNET. Based on the recommendation by the Executive Committee, the general assembly can confer the status of honorary member upon support bodies and agencies, which have rendered exceptional service to the organization. Honorary members shall attend meetings but have no right to voting.

Some Benefits of Membership

Speaking out on behalf of others: The Network will help increase the ability of organizations and communities to speak out about issues through a common platform. Within the network, ideas can develop and then be shared in ways which pass on the thinking of many people.

Information exchange and co-ordination: Membership will give individual organizations an opportunity to reach out to a national network of chapters, professionals in the field, volunteers and individuals with intellectual and developmental abilities. Members of the network will gain useful information which they may not have had access to. Sharing information will also help to decrease the duplication of services, either in the same geographical area or in targeting the same group (while others may be ignored).

Increase in impact: When organizations exchange visits there will be a greater likelihood to increase the impact and quality of their work and encourage good practice among their members.

Building on shared knowledge: Networking along similar themes or issues will help to bring together people of various disciplines and experience to work together. This kind of networking helps to bring a variety of experience to the problem, and solution. Better use of limited resources Networking may lead to better use of resources. Instead of an organization insisting on doing everything separately, networking may allow people to work together in partnership with different resources.

Membership fee and subscription fees

Any organization, person or grouping described in Article 5 Section 2 and admitted to membership of the Network shall, on admission, pay such admission fee, and thereafter such annual subscription, as the Council shall from time to time determine. The admission and subscription fees once paid shall not be refundable. The Council may from time to time vary the rates of admission and subscription fees.

The membership fee is paid once as entrance fee, while the subscription fee is the annual fee paid at the beginning of each financial, it’s subject to change by the Annual general meeting based on recommendations by the Executive Committee. KEWASNET’s financial year starts in 1st January to 31st December.


 Category of membership Membership feeAnnual Subscription fee 
 Ordinary member 5,000 10,000
 Associate member 10,000 50,000
 Honorary member 20,000 50,000


KEWASNET deepens its work by building partnerships at various levels. At the community level, KEWASNET works with CSOs to implement initiatives aimed at the vision of KEWASNET; speak against WASH rights viola-tions and build CSO action to demand greater access to water and sanitation for all.

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