Equity and Inclusion

Through the development of sensitization messages with local partners , WPM information developed in a very easy to read manner, with colors, charts, and photographs,infographs , organizing public campaigns and debates on the right to water and sanitation, KEWASNET aimed at generating evidence on the potential benefits

arising from recognition and implementation of WASH activities based on WPM data to contribute to the achievement of the right, supporting the government in the development of policy objectives and legislation that will lead to realization of the right to water.

Last quarter 2014, KEWASNET support by SNV designed & implemented advocacy interventions on promoting equity and inclusion based on Water Point Mapping carried out by SNV in three counties ( Kwale, Kajiado , Isiolo ).

Members were capacitated to mobilise civil society, communities including the media as allies to work with government to develop tools and in monitoring implementation and reporting on the status of achievement of the right to water and sanitation and promoting equity and inclusion.

Key among the advocacy interventions was the creation of awareness among various stakeholders through the media and mobilization of support of the duty bearers to ensure prioritization of resources for the achievement of the right to water and sanitation.


  • A charity organization aims to serve humanity by providing the needy
  • the poor
  • orphans
  • discarded and dejected people of a society.
  • Charity is aimed at serving humanity.
  • The poor and needy persons get benefited with charity.
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