KEWASNET has extensive experience in building capacity , influencing policy , sector coordination and networking . The professional skills in the net-work enables KEWASNET to provide a comprehen-sive response to sector governance challenges .

One way of doing this is through the establishment of Technical Working Group Forums. The TWGs are multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral think tanks comprising of competent professionals drawn coun-trywide mainly from the private sector, non-state actors and with representation of key public sector stakeholders.

TWGs have already proven to be a very useful re-source and have the potential to generate a wealth of ideas and energy into the implementation process of the WASH and WRM sector strategies. The main objective of TWGs is to carry out an in-depth analy-sis of the particular thematic area.

This analysis is then followed by the preparation of various interventions such as proposed policy and legal reforms and subsequent programmes for in-vestment by the government, private sector stake-holders and development partners.

In an effort to meaningfully engage with the Na-tional TWGs established at State level and provide citizens with an actual role in the policy making process, KEWASNET has established as part of it ‘ s CSO coordination function independent and autono-mous TWGs to ensure CSOs have regular and consis-tent opportunities to wrestle with tough questions , articulate their views to decision makers and bring the results of the discussions to decision makers at the national level.

The technical working groups meet every quarter un-der different thematic groups in a centralized location in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Eldoret or catchment areas in the case of WRM. The groups discuss thematic issues in the WASH and WRM sector and give recom-mendations on policy and legal interventions required.
The TWGs held their first series of meetings under the theme of Governance with over 100 participants drawn from CSOs , the national and county govern-ments and the Private Sector between August and Sep-tember 2015 in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and El-doret. This report covers the details of the delibera-tions of the TWGs during this period.

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