Conservtz at the Forefront of Enhancing Environmental Conservation in Eastern Kenya

Conservtz, is a Water conservation organization working in rural arid and semi arid areas to create awareness using practical approaches, as well as communication tools and media products on the need to conserve water, be it in the form of rain, underground water, water runoff, or piped water. We gain entry into communities through using early learning institutions through which we engage in activities which seek to increase children’s and by extension the community knowledge on the importance of engaging in practices that enhance tree cover and promote water harvesting and conservation for improved lives and livelihood.

Conservtz since it commencement in 2016 has partnered with the Makueni County government, Muangeni Primary school and Muangeni Secondary school, in Kibwezi West Sub County to implement a practical holistic water conservation awareness creation project. The project has engaged in sensitization of the school management, parents as well as staff and the children on the importance of engaging in activities that promote and sustain the growth of trees for an improved environment.

These include investing in tree nursery, tree planting, as well as support to the maintenance and repair of existing water harvesting mechanisms within the schools. The project has also expanded to include an income generating horticulture project that provides vegetables for the school as well as the neighboring community. Conservtz interventions seek to sensitize communities by educating early learners through their learning institutions to educate them to influence larger community through their parents to engage in the similar activities for improved, access to water and the general well being of their environment. The children therefore participate in tree planting activities in the schools and in their homes.

Other projects in the pipeline are the development of content on conservation for vernacular children’s’ Radio shows aimed at educating the children on the same. The content is generated in a participatory manner with the children and presented by them in collaboration with the show producers in a manner that is interesting and catchy.

Conservtz activities include;
a) Initiating tree nurseries and tree farms in schools located in semi arid areas
b) Initiating and repair of appropriate water harvesting activities in schools and neighboring communities located in semi arid areas.
c) Plan media events that highlight the importance of water conservation and spur conservation action
d) Creating radio and visual content for children to learn about water i.e production of animation and images incorporating children conservation activities like posters and brochures targeting water conservation best practice for school going children
e) Use water projects as catalysts for economic activities in the areas Conservtz operates in by initiating horticultural projects in the schools.
f) Partnering with like minded organizations and local County governments to conserve water by rain harvesting activities, advocacy and other knowledge based approaches.

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