Dupoto-e-Maa (Olkejuado Pastoralists Development Organization) is a local indigenous membership organization made up of 80 men and women drawn from a wide range of professions and professional background with representation of Maasai sections, clans and age groups.
It was formed in 1993 by local Maasai Professionals because of their realization that there was deficiency in respect of socio-economic development within the Pastoralists areas of Kajiado particularly in education, infrastructure, human resource development and land/Pastoral Resource base protection in Maasai Pastoral areas and there was need for the people themselves to pull together and form an organization to harness available resources and stimulate a sustained development. The challenge and the core problems that were the focus of the Organization are low standards of education, diminishing Pastoral Resource base, Primary Health Care and low Household Incomes.
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