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SANA is a registered NGO that has been established from the Rural Domestic Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (RDWSSP) in a major effort to encourage and promote further propagation of WATSAN development in the region. Its operational principles and methodologies are along the lines of those of RDWSSP and methodologies that aimed to ensure long term sustained WATSAN delivery.

SANA supports the government's role in planning, monitoring and evaluating, by encouraging the continuation of the District Water and Sanitation Development Committee (DWSDC) co-ordination meetings and by sharing its baseline, monitoring and evaluation data with the relevant government departments.

From 1983 until the end of 2000, the Rural Domestic Water and Sanitation Programme (RDWSSP) was implemented in Nyanza Province, Kenya. The objective of the programme was to improve the livelihoods of communities through the facilitation of provision of WATSAN services. The Programme was carried out under a bilateral arrangement between the Government of Kenya (GoK) and the Government of the Netherlands (GoN). During the eighteen years of programme implementation, huge experience was gained in the application of low cost water and sanitation technologies, capacity building, institutional development and partnership approaches with local communities.

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